Broga here we go!


Actually at the first place its hard for me to join the Recreational & Sport Club event to hike Broga Hill as I got acrophobia. But somehow I was thinking deep inside my heart..until when I gonna let this fear haunted me? So,I'm joining...

We started our journey by bus at 4am in the morning on 15 Feb 2014. Drop by at mosque and perform Subuh prayer and continue our journey.

We arrived at the foothills and start our warming session by strecthing our body. Starting our journey group by group,its hard for me actually as I dont have stamina because I am not doing any exercise previously a few days before hike the hill.

I planned to stop at Stage 1,2 and 3. But,finally I made it! I have reached the top of Broga Hill! With the help of my friends especially Opie! I slipped a few times while hiking and downhill because of the Broga's landform.

Then at 10 o'clock we go down hill and went back home and drop by a resaurant have some lunch before reach hostel.

Here are some interesting pictures taken at Broga..

p/s : Fear is not a factor. :P

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