My 90's Childhood movies..

Along my childhood times there are some great movies at late 90's that I still remember till now but for sure I forget the title just remember the actor's face and the plot of the story. I do some research on the net to find back those great movie and yeah I found it :B..

Universal Soldier


While nearing the end of his tour of duty in the Vietnam war, Luc's friend Sergeant Andrew Scott, went insane and began killing Vietnamese civilians and his own soldiers indiscriminately. After attempting to reason with Scott, Luc attempts to stop him from killing two villagers, resulting in the two soldiers shooting each other to death. Their bodies are recovered from the field and put on ice, and they are falsely listed as "missing in action."

When the Universal Soldier U.S. Government project gets underway, Luc's body is chosen to be reanimated as a UniSol. He rebelled when he met Veronica Roberts, a TV journalist who manages to break his conditioning. Having been essentially brain dead for over twenty years, Luc cannot properly function in civilization. The two attempt to find the source of the UniSol project and help Luc regain his identity, while Scott and other UniSols are sent to kill them. In the end, he learns about the origin of the project and regains his memories. When he returns to Louisiana his aged parents are overjoyed to see him, reunion is cut short when Scott appears, taking Roberts and Luc's parents hostage. Luc and Andrew fight to the death, which ends as Luc impales Scott on the spikes of a hay harvester and eviscerates him with it.

Summary of summary:

Universal Soldier is a 1992 American science fiction action film directed by Roland Emmerich and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren as soldiers who kill each other in Vietnam but are reanimated in a secret Army project along with a large group of other previously dead soldiers.

The main actor:
Jean Van Damme as Luc Devereaux/GR44

He's having a flashback from an old memory about an attempt to save the innocent couple in a Vietname war from being killed. Devereaux, who is near the end of his tour of duty, tries to reason with Scott, who becomes infuriated and shoots the boy. Sergeant Scott orders Devereaux to shoot the girl to prove his loyalty. Deveraux refuses and stops Scott from shooting her. The girl attempts to escape but Scott kills her with a grenade. Devereaux turns on Scott and both shoot each other to death. They were reported to "MIA". Right before that he just want to return home. *His smile killing me :*

Dolph Lundgren as Andrew Scott/GR14

Scott also having flashback as Luc but not so obviously. Then after some explosion on the oil station he start to awake and become like what he used to be,he still thougth he is in Vietname war. He does not follow an order and start make his own order. Make a chaos at mini market. Killed anyone who does not follow his order.

Ally Walker as Veronica Roberts/Reporter

Reporter who gets fired when late to broadcast at the site. So in order get back her job she has to find a new and hot story then she went to military area to get a clear pictures about that military operations and being caught by the army in an attempt to run. Luc and 2 others army who should arrest her than end up being saved by Luc/GR44 as he got memory recalled after Scott/GR14 shoot dead Veronica's friend the cameraman.

Trailer : It's diferent two trailer.

Enjoy the trailer and movies ^^

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