Happy Teacher's Day Event..

Assalamualaikum and hi,

Last Thursday,our college has a Teacher's Day event..

To make it short,our class has been chosen to make a dance performance during the lucky draw...so we have make a non-stop of practice for 3days starting from Mon-Wed and at morning on that day event we still make a practice...T.T I must admit..it's so tiring...

The next day,soon after I wake up my body are painful and rheumatism..maybe because forget to do a warming up...and cooling down...before and after the dance practice...

Recording of Dance Performance (A4)

Haha,ok each time I thinking bout our dance practice I just wanna laugh...

#kiri kanan ketiak ketiak usus xD
#bagi makan ayam kurr3 xD

We had win 2nd place for overall...yayy!!!
Some of pictures..

Beautiful lecturers for Fashion Show...

mAya Angelo's...=)

#Pictures credit to the owner

We are having our final exam starting from next Monday ,pray for us :D
Got to go...

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